Thursday, December 10, 2009

So im on the end of my third week going to the gym and although there is massive improvement like before I started I weighed 145 now I weigh 150. 5 pounds gained. I have not ran for about two weeks with the exception of this one and I think its time to get back on it. School is nearly over. My last day is on Monday and after that it's nothing but a break. Im going to be doing two a days. Running my 6-7 miles in the morning and working about my 1-2 hours. I have nothing else or anyone else to worry about so I think Ill do this to pass my time. The new year is coming up and Im not sure if I should really wish her an early birthday before the new year or during the new year. Should I leave the last comments in this year? or bring them into the new one? Contemplating sucks. but w.e.

I've set some new goals for myself and am pretty stoked to achieve them.

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