Thursday, December 10, 2009

ok so im weird.
so what?
I put on a hat in the house
I sing out loud and sometimes even talk to myself.
I dress up and say I have a presentation.
I say Im british and am in an engagement.
I say stupid things as well as, do them.
thats what she said? yeah i say that too.
I like to tie my shoes, double knotted, im too secure.
I drink Vitamin Water and eat alot of pop tarts
I talk to people to know the size of their heart
I run 8 miles just for fun
I try to make things wothwhile
and after im done I look at the sky try to see
little dipper and big dipper and all those other things that
make me chipper.
I then go to.. wait I forgot where i was going with this. i really did

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