Wednesday, December 2, 2009

As I Am

I've known you for a while now
after meeting down in alham.
and since that first night we met
I've been just who I am

We've been through many up's
and a few downs on our trek
and as we grow in who we are
Our journey let's never forget
The many times that we stood strong
when reality would say quit
How we held on to our dreams
And didn't listen to logic
At times I'm like a lion
and others like a lamb
but know I'll always be true to me so
Take me as I am

But help me grow towards the me
that I destine and work to be
through challenges and challenging me
My true colors, help me see.
I take you just the way you are
your far beyond beauty
but know that I will always strive
to support the "you" you want to be
My thoughts aren't always easy
to follow or understand
but know that I'm like no other
So take me as I am.

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