Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I didnt fall in love

I didn't fall in Love
I've fallen in Trust
And to the both of us
That is a bigger thing
I'm not in it for the ring
Nor do I know what the future holds
So it would be bold
For me to offer more than me
You see
I didn't fall in love
Cause falling sounds like an accident
And to imply that would be to say
She wasn't heaven sent.
I didn't fall in love
though I've started to slip down that steep slope
I have fallen for faith,
for devotion, for hope.
I didn't fall in love
Cause to "fall in" would mean I'm through
Now if you asked if I was falling
Well, maybe that phrase would do.
I didn't fall in love
If you ask that's what I'll say
But I do look forward to falling
step by step and day by day.
I didn't fall in love.

Wait a minute...

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