Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I know, I know
You think I'm just like him.
Well, I am.
You see, I want to take you to a place
A place where you forgot you could go.
I want to take to you the highest heights,
but I know your scared so we'll take it slow.
You remember all the hurt men have caused you
I know you hold tightly to the pain,
Instead, I ask you beautiful Missus
Instead, say my name.
Close your eyes and say it again,
Whisper it as you reminisce
Think back to the time when, long ago
You enjoyed your very first kiss.
Remember that first time holding hands,
And the joy that came from that first love note.
Remember the first time you sighed at a boy
and the first "ahhh" that came from your throat.
Now open your eyes
and see what I see,
something so Ocean
in You and in Me.
In We.
Stronger than
and deeper than the waters my ancestors travelled
You don't know the half of what I see in you
So you sometimes are quite baffled
By my words, or my compliments but have no fear cause I only speak the truth
And there is no mirror on this earth
That reflects what I see in You.
You've been gone from me,
For quite sometime
But prodigal One welcome home.
I am a prince,
One day to be King
and beside me is your crown and throne.
Now I would never pretend to be your salvation,
cause that can only come from yourself,
I will always be here to support you
you have my energy, my heart, my help.
I know you thought I'm just like him.
but now you see we are not the same
So come with me lets journey to
that place before the pain.

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