Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I shall tell you what to the last paper i couldn't.
I will make these pages bleed, darker red than any vengeful kill.
These pages will feel my pain slowly healing..if not further destroying.
These pages ....
I will write to remember....
These pages will receive no mercy for i have been placed no higher than filth
Oh! how these pages will scream my silent rage!
My wrath will do everything but tear these pages that will transform into an escape
These pages...keepers of my sanity, protectors of my spirit, healers of my soul.
These pages will store my hatred, the ink will suck the poison out of my viens.
These words will take the weight off my shoulders and these sentences will give me back everything that was taken.
Oh! how these pages will suffer...
Oh! how these pages will see the miserable life i led...
Paper Oh Paper are you ready for me???
Paper Oh Paper my words will last forever while i slowly fade...

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