Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tomorrow is not Promised.

I really do not even know what to say or how to put it into words.
I watched 2012 . It was a pretty decent movie but the concept was great.
I really wish I can remember completely what one of the lines was from the movie
but I cant. Everytime now that I go on a run, a walk, or simply just look outside if i look down and see a crack on the floor I will automatically think, What if today was the day? It may be just a movie, but what if today was the day it all ended? Who will you call? Who will you try and create you peace with? Will you forgive everyone that has ever hurt you? Will you run to your loved ones? or will you be selfish and find a way to save yourself? It is a scary thought, mainly because for me I start thinking what about everything I, you, they worked for? What happens after? On the other hand I do not feel as bad, my conscience is clean because one thing i know is tht I do not hold grudges against anyone, so i forgive you all even if you have not done anything...yet.  

"The moment we stop fighting for ourselves, that is when we become INHUMANE"

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