Sunday, November 29, 2009


If only I would have known. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.
If only I had the right accessories, gear, support, coaches.
If only I knew what to do.
If only I was bit taller, bigger, stronger, faster.
If only I jumped higher.
If only I began from when I was little.
If only I had time.
If only I didn't do this or didn't do that.
If only I payed less attention to this.
If only I didn't give so many excuses
I would of been a professional.

It is a hectic world out there when it comes to business. People want their moneys worth.

The first sport I began playing my freshman year was Basketball. I did not know any of the fundamentals, any of the knowledge you needed to become the best. Along my four years I, very slowly, matured and what I wanted became clearer and clearer. I wanted to become better at what I did so each year I become more and more dedicated. More and more determined to become better.

I later joined track & field. I thought all i have to do is run and show up to practice. I did not have the killer mentality quite developed yet. I just wanted to "get faster" for basketball. The dream of becoming the best runner didnt cross my mind until my senior year. I never took running as serious as I did Basketball. Possibly it could have been because I did not have to commit to anyone but myself. In Basketball I had my best friends where I NEEDED to help us win. Running did not come as much of an importance.

I had missed participating in a sport during the fall due to my late enrollment at my school. My sophomore year really would determine my future, drastically. I join football or run cross country. If I join football I would get bigger and stronger but if i run cross country I get stamina and endurance. These sports were revolving around Basketball. WHAT would make me a better player? They somewhat even out. It never crossed my mind that you need to get big in Basketball if you want to play college ball. Its not a requirement but a high recommendation. I ran cross country.

Through my, i guess you can call it, Sports career I never considered running much of a priority until my senior year. I was starting to loose interest in Basketball mainly because of the players. They were not putting in the dedication I was, so i became selfish. Focus on the sport that YOU can benefit from. I decided to try and succeed in running. I kept a log during my whole summer prior to senior year. I logged about 550 miles in approximately 1.75 months. Thats about 275 miles each month, 69.2 miles a week, 9.6 miles a day. I was putting in work. I showed up during my season burning rubber.

I have always been about dedication and effort. If i really want something I work for it. The problem is once I get it, keeping it there. It hasn't really been until now that I feel myself maturing. I am putting in work into what I should of done in High school. What really amazes me is there is only about a 5 month difference in all of it. And I ask myself Why did I not do this back then? Why did I not have that determined mentality..sooner.?

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  1. Don't worry much about the past. Just look forward. I'm sure you're gonna accomplish many things, some you never even thought of, but no matter what, dont forget where you came from and the people that were there to support you through it all<3 im glad you're seeing how you're growing and maturing. Just keep up the good work:) There's a reason why you're MY IDOL<3