Monday, November 9, 2009

resorting to this

hmm. Everything is set to place, but now it seems like im rushing through life! Im not kidding, I am in a hurry to get through this school year and the days are flying by. I have not stopped and enjoyed ONE second, hour, day of it. All I really know is that there are a few more months to this year, and once it is over...EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT! I am more that positive that I will not be bringing any of these problems along with me.

I can finish school and then transfer out. I can stop worrying about catching up,or any further distractions, I can keep moving as much as it hurts me, I can finally have a year where Ill understand the meaning of feeling renewed.

If I've learned anything I'd have to say "SACK UP!" famous quote from runner Victor Serrano, aha. Im not going to let things get in the way of how my attitude is because i've heard " your attitude determines your latitude, well im high as a mtrfkr and fly as a mtrfkr." I was talking to an ex yesterday and I must say it was relieving. I do not have it as bad as I think with girls, I just really need to not get my hopes up as much. Sooner or later she'll come along, sure of it.

Running running running, it sucks. It really does, having to wake up at 5 in the morning and go run these darn stupid repeats or 40 minute "easy" runs. but you know what, I wont trade it for anything! It keeps me balanced, if it was not for that who knows. Im not the type that stresses much but for some reason these damn few months have really crawled inside my skin. I was planning on training for marathons and using it as an excuse to travel out into other cities, but I think I will get done with school first. Anybody want to be a part of TEAM CASTRO?

The parentals! wooo. A tough pair they are. I mean things have been better, Im not getting scolded as much, maybe because im not boxing myself in as much as I was by staying in my room all day or being away from the house. Even my dogs miss me, I took my fellow Wall-E to Top of The World, my spot, and it was soo relaxing!

If you havent noticed yet, Im just talking about some issues I have had and Im not trying to become all formal about it. Im jsut being my plain self that you would hear talking on any given day. Do not take it to seriously, there is some humor into this mainly because Im not trying to show how effed up my life is when it isn't all that bad. Its just a temporary thing thats in this season.

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