Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Imake it happen.

I started off this school year horribly unorganized. I completely forgot who I am and the way I manage things. I am lucky I have B's this semester in my classes. I barely bought any books, my backpack was my sports bag, I had no folder, binder, agenda, my writing utensils were always misplaced, and worst of all most of my homework was done the day of or right before. It is all my fault for letting things get to me. However, cross country season is over, I will not have to be in a hurry in the morning and I can get all my stuff and organize it.
a to do list.

2. Buy an agenda
3. Label and seperate all my work for my classes
4. Finish paying off my semester
5. Stop staying at school the whole day
6. Work out an hour at least everyday
7. Get back to basketball

All of these are my immediate short term "duties" that I NEED to do. Once that is all done I think my life will get stress free! Because honestly I am not the type that stresses, but for some reason this fall was like running into a wall everytime I tried taking a step forward.

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  1. yeah like that one time you had to clean your car up..filled with grass and all. haha jock<3