Friday, November 27, 2009


Im starting to see why some of the more older crowd doesnt like MySpace!
You can go to a random 14-16 year old girl and see their photos. Its not the fact that you can see the pictures but what the pictures show. Even though some of them are blocked the ones that are open for public are VERY DISTURBING! On top of that there is this new thing where you tag someone elses picture and it shows up on your album. Most of them are body parts that are "owned" by the person who tagged  it. Its getting really annoying, because some of these people are trying to grow up way too quick and are starting to think they are at the same level as people older then them. I swear if my 15 year old cousin was to come up to me and try to say something about stupid to me I'd tell him let me see your friends on my space. And when he's not looking delete his account!

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