Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Whats that rumbling?

Winter is on its way! nothing like good Southern California temperature.
So its back, soon enough it will start raining and it will be super cold! Its time to go and buy your coats and warm gloves so you can lay the fireplace with the lights off while you take sips of that sweet cup of hot cocoa and a thick furry blanket that seems to cover just about everything exept the very tip of your toes while you lay on a very comfy pillow. Anything better than that? Well if youre the lucky one you will have youre loved ones or more specificaly, significant other right by you sharing the warmth and sharing the same feeling. Unofortunately for me I dont have that so I think ill just bring my dog inside.


  1. haha lucky dog! lmao! sure you'll find her(: hopefully before winter!!:D

  2. haha this cries Jasmin! dont fret dude she's out there. maybe you should let her come to you instead of you going to her. just a thought.