Sunday, October 18, 2009

the urge!

Geez, this whole week I have had the biggest urge the TUBA! I mean its the thing I can really actually play and not suck at it like the guitar or the piano or the harmonica or anything else i have tried! I am going to find out where I can go and play for a few hours, it should be exciting! I have been thinking of returning to a band of some sort, maybe an orchestra; I mean i did love the feeling of being onstage and people knowing where you were because a guhe golden bowl was sticking out. I think if i do start playing again I might want to learn how to play the trumpet. It has been one of my desires since 7th grade. The only reason I never played it is because in the beginning of my band class when everyone was picking their instruments I was the last to pick and the teacher told me you should play the tuba, you will be the unique one, where in reality that was actually the only one there was left.(transitioning into a story now) I remember having to carry the darn 25 pound load of metal from school to my house and at that time 25 pound was alot! My right hand did get a little stronger though. I would love playing it especially at night so I can wake up the neighbors since they always played their spanish music on friday nights while i tried sleeping. I never really thought there was any other instrument that could of been heavier, until i hit the 9th grade. It was like a tuba on steroids! The darn sousaphone! This thing was like a snake, it wrapped around your chest and had to carry it on my back, i felt like a darn slave!

Anyways, I might go to school tomorrow to give it a good old try and see if I still have the spark!

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