Sunday, October 18, 2009


Dont you just love it when something happens in your life and you know, YOU KNOW for a fact that what you are doing, or reacting to something is not right. After all that happens, a few weeks, months, or years later you look back and tell yourself "I was so stupid!" It happens alot to me, I mean there hasnt quite been one situation that I've looked back on and said I did the right thing. However, it may just be that I look at the unnoticeable mistakes and that's what learning from the past is. When i usually start hitting that phase I notice a slight transition. It means you are moving on, that youre opening your eyes and realizing its not worth it anymore, that you should stop wasting your time! I have not hit that phase yet, but I feel like it is just around the corner because of yesterday. I opened my life encyclopedia and started analyzing my past situations leading me to say "What the hell am i doing! I shoulda let it gone right after the first no!" about my recent predicament. I guess you do learn from mistakes, and one that I really need to fix is for me to stop being so STUBBORN! I need to soak in the fact that some things you just have to let go and somethings wont come back. Another thing is that I am too upfront, maybe I should hold back a bit. I tend to say exactly what I am feeling regardless of what the person thinks. Many imperfections! no wonder things are going the way they are!

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