Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today is a Wednesday.

Lets start with my day :]
I woke up at 5 am
Went to school and it was FREEZING! Had one of the toughest workout yet!

I was in a group of three
me, my teammate and me; physiologically
We began running our mile at a certain race pace
the winds were hectic, coming right towards our faces
It was intense but we got through it.
By around the 4th one my body was aching
I felt like laying down but i didnt.
I completed it.
We had two more and these two would be the toughest because were all already worn out
I completed it.
We had 4 400's to go.
Take in mind this is not on the track its a course filled with branches, hills and stones.
This was walking into hell.
My body was collapsing and worst of all my mind was rattling.
I felt like puking and fainting.
I lost my necklace, my emblem!
Discouraged, I completed it.

I learned today that I can REALLY do anything if I choose to endure the pain.
I have had times where I really dont try because I do not want to hurt. I convince myself that I am doing okay. COMPLACENCY. The worst thing. As a runner I should not be complacent. I should never limit myself and If i reach my goals well then I should make tougher ones. If I hit those, then I should make even tougher ones! When one becomes complacent with oneself they begin believing that that is their best effort. I cant picture where I'm heading with this "running painting" I have drawn in my head but I can sure draw something of where I would want to be.

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