Saturday, October 17, 2009

this one is for robert.

You want a girlfriend! Go to a paisa club! haha.

This is all you really need!

So today i was unexpectedly taken to one of those. I didnt think it was going to be such a good idea, but it ended up being pretty fun! The girls were the prettiest! Well at least some, I saw some that could of been my mothers! That is a complete fail! Well I end the day in somewhat of a decent composure and now I go to sleep under the stars and hope for another good day.



  1. i never knew i had an interest in paisa girls

  2. haha well you dont have to. but i talked to one and she knew how to count!

  3. oh what my dream girl was there??? i wanna go now!

  4. haha seriously!

    it was alright though with the exception of seeing a bunch of ganesha people.