Friday, October 16, 2009

a reboot would be nice.

Oh how i wish i was like a computer! Delete anything you want, reboot if it crashes, get an anti-virus to block out anything harmful. However, I would not want to have the limited memory capacity or the lagging of overworking it. Regardless of that a reboot would come in so handy right about now. I need to get myself together for at least one day! I have a race tomorrow, a conference dual-meet, that may be my last for this school. I really hope I do not pull a recap of one of my Santa Barbara races. I need to stop worrying about everything for the strenuous 27:15 minutes (thats what i plan on getting). I have my bottle of waters that I am drinking all night, I mean Im staying home on a friday night, even for the weekend, so I might as well go balls out so I wont reconcile on a poor performance.

shit. I thought today was thursday.!

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