Friday, October 30, 2009

Losing the grip

Im losing it, but you know what I dont care.
Thing after thing i keep getting bad news.
They arent major dramatic life changing events or anything
its just the little things that over time can really change
the way people think. Its like Ice, the longer you keep your feet in it, the less and less you
actually feel anything. Well the longer problems keep occurring the less and less you care about them.
Tomorrow I have a race and I know for a fact it is my last race. I would be disappointed but
Im not going to be, I have too much to worry about. I have been getting over everything and forgetting what
it felt like to be next to her, forgetting how I use to be, forgetting what the sense of accomplishment felt like.
I dont care though, that just means I make new plans, regenerate myself and start over.
It is never too late to try and change yourself.
Change for the good that is.
I know ill become a better and bigger person that what I was a couple weeks/months ago.
Good thing is new years is just around two corners right?

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