Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A life without You

Its not so much being alone, but being without you that hurts. Lay awake endless nights while I sleep the dreadful days away. Wither wither ..lifeless lyfe, for no sun nor moon can give me light, no miracle hope for faith is dead. And no courage to never wake. Piece by piece lost to hell. Heavens close before thine eyes. And peace is resting by your side. Breath is taken. No air remains. A feeling of choke yet no end. Tears run dry for there’s no emotion left in this heart of mine. Lies escape my lips holding more truths yet bear the essence of everything meaningless, for lyfe without you is not as it should be. Time, gives more life than me. Ticking pulse. How can I compete? For I am merely a tool that shows how time has used me. Bloodshot eyes say more than a thousand scars; no justice served , as my mind is forced to insomniac time. Taken from me…soul ravaged…u tell me y should I forgive? Limitations don’t exist. Impossible is me. I breathe without my air. And I live without my heart. Ticc ticc tocc…..
-BFF! M.P.

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