Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lets go in the darkroom ;]

So I have a new hobby!
I have had this photography class for two months now and I found it somewhat interesting but not so much. Maybe it was cause the teacher is so stoic and boring and is always telling us what to do, how to do it, and TO DO IT. Its not all that amusing that way. But recently, I have been going alone and it is so much more relaxing! It is a hassle, however, you have to set up everything and then put it away. Aside from that, I love it! Its called free printing. They way you do that is by taking pictures of course, then you develop the FILM which is the worse part because in total it takes about an hour and thirty(imagine that for a set of 36 shots) then you move into the dark room! It gets a bit frightening sometimes, especially when I start remembering that movie SHUTTER! Anyways, from there you pick an image and you enlarge it shine the light at it and put it in the chemistry! Simple! The thing i like most is when you see the picture gradually coming to life! I enjoy the fact that it is like Photo shop but with one filter and none of the tools. If you want your picture with better values you shine more light if you don't you shine less light. If you ever have the chance to use a darkroom do it!!  oh and btw its not for this ok.  >>

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  1. lol..or the movie Saw. haha oh and chuckie. lol