Sunday, October 25, 2009

I swear

not by the moon nor the stars in the sky. People are so afraid of getting hurt! It really is unfair that they become so traumatized from past occurrences that they are blocking out anything that tries to come through. I have been stomped on many times and it may seem like I don't learn my lesson but I do except that i build myself up to the way I use to. I do not pretend and act like I have no heart, or go around with every girl from the start, I try to get to know one before I put them apart from all the others that really have no heart. That act like they don't need anyone, because if they dont then why waste time on them if they wont need me? It gets so complicated, this thing called LOVE. Its simple really, god should really grab a key and throw the thought of trying to fight against that will and bury it somewhere on a hill. I know it hurts and even if it punches you right in the gut it will heal, there are no such things as broken hearts, or you will die, just wounded ones. It is a funny thing though, and it really amuses me that I see guys and girls pretending to be heartless and have that dgaf mentality. I don't get it what do you accomplish? Preventing from being heart-break free? Shows how scared you really have grown to be. Just let things be dont fight it just accept it.

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  1. i think maybe because love is a big thing. LOVE=LIFE and once u get hurt ur scared or paranoid for quite some time and you definitely dont see things the same way anymore. atleast i dont.