Saturday, October 17, 2009

i had two challenges today.

first i had my race...then i was introduced too El DIABLITO!
this drink was so spicy it burnt my stomach! Regardless of it being so hot i could not resist it. It was simply addicting!!!
Anywhos. I had my first conference race today and Id say i did pretty good with a Usain bolt finish. Treated my self to four hotcakes and some bacon at Coco's(well coach did).

So on the way home I had a pretty good time singing to Single Ladies, live your life, and Use Somebody. My bro Vic and I rocked out!

I'd have to say the day is pretty good, for being a saturday. They days I adapted to spending differently in the summer. Well i have got to say blogging is quite helpful now that there isnt anyone to tell whats going on with me. Time to go celebrate Lilies Birthday. adieu.

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