Thursday, October 29, 2009


I dont know what to say!
Its like the Class of 2009 took everything and left OH TEN?! with nothing!
My sister comes home from a cross country meet and I ask her how did the guys do?
She couldnt even say they did okay seriously.
I kind of feel ashamed because it took three guys to build up the program from scratch and hold up three league titles for three whole years in a row and seems like we would of taught at least one underclassmen something but results and actions show we did not. I go back every once and a while to check up on them and their mentality is so weak! Their mind set is set up for the very least and worse of all they are scared! The sad part is...they admit it. Fortunately, we switch out and go to a lower league next year...isnt that a benefit...

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  1. Really? theyre moving down a league? or a division? wow! honestly i think 09 had the best athletes! vball team, won league for the first time and cif quarter finalist..xc team(boys) did great like always...bball boys were very talented but idk why u guys did bad when it came to games...boys vball made cif and broke their record...track, well they had the fast runners/spinters and hurdlers....and football won their first 2 games in idk how many years...yeah we were good! lol [[09 bby]]