Monday, October 19, 2009


I really thought fondly of this topic along with disdain. Most of my realizations and most honest thoughts come while im running so here I go.

When you see somthing or hear about something that really really dissapoints you, most likely, you tend to overreact and throw your instant thoughts at it. Its the very few that learn to control that and be calm about certain situations. However, my imperfections have risen above and beyond lately and Im glad they have because it shows what I really need to work on.

I have scrutinized myself and have been trying to see how have I changed in the past months. I havent. I put myself in the eyes of others from different aspects and point of views. What is going on is a temporary thing, I have lost patience and might not be as gullible as before but thats a natural thing that developed over certain causes. I still respect people, know how to act and what to say and what not to say(even if sometimes i might get carried away) I still pour my heart to others because i dont think that just because one person threw that away that the next should not recieve the same, I still put the abundant amount of "haha's" to everything, and realistically I still think jello is the best thing ever.

However, there are the unnoticeable changes; the changes that people will not be able to see, the changes that prepare me for any future attacks. Those are the ones that will allow me to not break down as easily as I have. The reason why I wont take anything that has happened back.

I will sure as hell miss it but its not something I regret.

Our past is a story only existing in our minds. Look, analyze, understand, forgive. Then, as quickly as possible, chuck it.

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