Saturday, August 15, 2009

Momma, I wanna be a runner!

What do you get when you put a 47 year old Mexican, 38 year old Zimbabwean, and a 43 year old Morrocan?

" a work of art that people can look at and be affected in as many ways they’re capable of understanding" as the great Pre would say.

Today I had the privilege to run with three amazing runners. Not something you get to experience everyday.
We began warming up and stretching, from there we took off pounding every step on asphalt. Our goal - 16 miles; 7:00 minute pace. There was the 47 year Mexican who has been running for merely 25 years and is a sub 2:50 marathoner, the 6 foot 4 Zimbabwean who grew up running trying to become one of the best to succeed in the profession in order to help his family, and the Morrocan who did not talk much but which I assume he lives for himself and only himself with his serious attitude, and then the home grown 18 year old American kid who takes everything for granted if we were typically speaking. I hung in with the for a cruicail 60 minutes, then their experience overmastered me as they gradually started departing speeding up mile after mile, minute after minute. I was in complete awe watching them battle and challenge each other. It was the Zimmy ahead in the pack with the Russian trying to keep his grip tight. The Mexican, as bad as the name sounds, was struggling in the back of the pack as, he too, was slowing down. All this is occuring while I am simply spectating their dorsums jumping up and down. While I am heading back they are closing the gap on me and now you can hear the huffs and puffs and I now beging thinking they are human and not machines. It was still the Zimmy ahead of the back but this time all three of them were scattered. The Mexican was right after and he had gained his momentum, slowly closing every step the Zimmy had taken. The Russian had fallen behind. I arrived at my destination - 15 1/2 miles. They kept propelling forward and completed 17. It was simply amazing how much the human body can do and with I just ask my question, anyone want to go run next saturday???!!


  1. I like the way you express yourself. I find it hard for guys to do that now in days.